Shiel Sexton attended the Shelton Heights Community Park dedication ceremony last week on August 17th. In 2018, the multi-phased transformation broke ground. Shiel Sexton helped transform this space by constructing a wooden pavilion and planted landscape including flowers, shrubbery, and mulch.

What was once a dilapidated trailer park riddled with drugs and criminal activity, is now a safe community space that features walking trails, playground equipment, and a spacious pavilion. Over the past three years, it has become more of an established place for neighbors and friends to gather. The hard work has not stopped and continues to grow this park into what it is now. It has made the surrounding community a safer area more than it ever has been in the past.

Shiel Sexton’s Beyond the Build week celebration gives back to our communities with a volunteer day. Shelton Heights was a highlight of this service as well as many other staples in the community we were fortunate to help. Be on the look-out for our upcoming Beyond the Build week at the end of September as we transform Christian Park on the east side of downtown Indianapolis by enhancing its functionality and aesthetic value!