At the beginning of Fall, Shiel Sexton kicks off “Beyond the Build” week to celebrate being a 100% ESOP company by delivering treats to job sites and giving back to our community with a “Day of Service”. Last year, Shiel Sexton employees volunteered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to transform an abandoned trailer park in the Shelton Heights neighborhood on the west side of Indianapolis. Volunteers constructed a wooden pavilion and planted new, inviting landscape that included flowers, shrubbery, and mulch. 

One year later, the Shelton Heights greenspace is still thriving.

Shelton Heights neighbor Debbie Parrish exclaims, “I’ve seen a huge positive impact. The park brings a breath a fresh air to the west side and the shelter in the center gives it a beautiful look. We have held a couple events under the shelter, and we have a huge park event coming up for Halloween!”

This project touched the lives of the whole community and brought them closer together. It created a safe space for them to go on a walk, celebrate events, and visit with family and friends. 

This year, Shiel Sexton will revitalize another area within the city on Wednesday, October 2nd. Alongside Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, voluteers will construct a hexagonal deck and picnic tables in the rundown driveway and parking lot next to Capital City Church of Christ on Indianapolis’ east side. The Shiel Sexton team will also assemble a children’s playset and walkway bridge, and brighten up the area with new perennials, trees, and shrubbery. This greenspace project will transform a large run-down driveway and parking lot into a place where families can bring their children to play, commuters can rest and enjoy nature while waiting for their next bus, and residents can learn about the power of community.

We want our projects to deliver more than just a community space, but a positive and lasting impact for years to come. Shiel Sexton is proud to be a part of annual neighborhood revitalization projects as a part of giving back to the Indianapolis community.