Our core values are critical to our everyday operations…

We recently celebrated our 60th year as a construction firm. Frankly, this wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful employees, projects, and clients. However, our core values are also one of the main contributors behind our success.

We rely on these principles each and every day, whether that’s in our offices or on our jobsites.

Our four guiding principles reinforce our mantra of “We Build For People Who Expect More.” So, what are these principles?


At Shiel Sexton, we strive to be truthful and respectful to everyone involved in our projects. We aim to facilitate that trust between our clients, teams, and partners so we can build the project while hopefully also fostering long-lasting relationships.


We strive to create a welcoming work environment across our offices and jobsites so that our employees can lead a personally satisfying career. Whether that’s through professional learning opportunities or additional trainings and responsibilities, we encourage our employee’s growth.


We want to be experts in everything that we do, not only to meet our customers’ expectations but also so we can continue to take on dynamic projects. We leave no stone unturned as we continually build upon our processes and our growing team.


It is crucial to build strong and last connections in the construction industry so our partners and clients will keep us in mind for any future projects they might have. We are not only there for our clients for the construction process, but we are also in this journey for the long haul.