How preconstruction is the foundation of every construction project… 

Every construction project, big or small, must be meticulously planned. But have you ever thought about how much planning goes into a single construction project? 

Planning a construction project is a huge undertaking, but thankfully the preconstruction process makes this overwhelming process much smoother. Preconstruction is the initial planning of a construction project. During this process, the client or project owner meets closely with the preconstruction team to ensure their project not only meets their budget but also fulfills their vision. In addition, during this process the construction team must plan the project’s schedule, determine labor needs, create drawings, obtain materials and equipment, identify potential challenges for the project, and so much more.  

In other words, the preconstruction process sets up the success of a construction project before construction workers even set foot on the job site. One of the most important things that a construction firm can do with their preconstruction process is not only make the process easy for their employees but also the clients they work with. 

Thankfully, with Shiel Sexton OS+, our preconstruction process does just that. Here are a few ways we ensure efficiency as well as client satisfaction during our preconstruction process: 

Establish Effective Communication: 

A successful construction project could not survive without proper communication between the construction firm and its client. So, at Shiel Sexton, our job is to make sure every stakeholder and team member has the information they need. Whether that means communicating budget updates or supply chain issues, we believe that communication is crucial in creating a successful project. 

Quantify Your Project’s Vision: 

At Shiel Sexton, we not only want your vision to be expressed in your design, but in your budget as well. We want to ensure that the project meets your needs through and through. To do that, we create value analyses for each project to make sure the building’s design costs compare to historical cost data of similar projects. We do this to make sure that our client’s priorities are fulfilled while staying in line with previous construction projects’ costs.  

Track Your Project: 

Shiel Sexton OS+ tracks every aspect of the project in meticulous and constantly updated detail. This helps our team stay on top of regulatory requirements, quality assurance, project schedules, and more. No detail is too small, so tracking every little detail in a project helps us verify that nothing will fall between the cracks within a major construction project. 

Utilize Virtual Design and Construction and Build Information Modeling Technologies:   

Using these technologies helps our construction teams visualize the project at hand and it helps identify any potential challenges when it comes time to start building the project. This helps maximize productivity and provide accurate estimates of the project. These technologies are extremely useful as they allow our teams to tackle roadblocks early on so we can hit the ground running. 

Maintain Safety: 

Safety is critical in the construction field, which is why it’s no surprise that we prioritize the safety of everyone involved in each of our projects. To do that, we create a risk assessment analysis of the project, and we ensure that training is up to date for every worker on the job site. Every construction project is different, so we also prepare a project specific safety plan to account for differing safety hazards that could arise on a jobsite. 

Preconstruction is a valuable part of our construction process as it saves time and resources while allowing us to work through the critical components of our client’s projects before we step foot on the jobsite.