A little peak into our last sixty years as a company… 

Earlier this year, we hit our 60th year mark as an organization. So, we wanted to reflect on our history that’s now sixty years in the making. From our humble beginnings in residential and apartment construction to dabbling in the Healthcare, Education, Life Sciences, Public, and Commercial sectors, we have been fortunate to work on a variety of different projects over the years. In addition, we have also been able to refine our services as we offer services such as interior construction, cost consulting, facility, maintenance, and real estate development. We are proud of our growth and the services we offer, and we strive to continue to branch out and find ways to be there for our clients. 

Shiel Sexton, which initially started out as S&S Company, was founded by Dick Shiel and Tim Sexton. Now, six decades later, we have over 350 employees and we even opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina to service our Southeast clients! 

Our EXPECT MORE mantra has been the pinnacle of our commitment to our employees and our clients since our beginning. We have set a high standard as we want each employee to do and be their best and we also commit that standard to our clients. This ultimately led to Shiel Sexton OS+ which is essentially “how we get things done.” Through a combination of processes, procedures, technologies, and our renowned team we have had the opportunity to work on some truly amazing projects.  

Our history is important to us because it shows how we’ve grown and evolved over the years. This is a huge milestone, and we are thankful for each project we have worked on, and we are thankful for our employees who have gotten us to where we are today. Our story is ever-changing, but we are so excited to see where we go from here!