Shiel Sexton Intern Spotlight…

Steve Protogere is a Senior at Butler University and he is majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

What projects will you be working on/are involved with this summer?  

I will be working with the Marketing Team over the summer, but I will specifically be working on data analytics and marketing strategy. 

Have you worked at Shiel Sexton before?  

I have not worked at Shiel Sexton previously. 

What is your past internship experience (if any)?  

I worked at Da Lubricant in financial analytics, marketing, and production planning for two years. I also spent a summer at FloTec where I worked in quality control and helped prepare the company for ISO and FDA audits. 

What are you hoping to learn this summer with this internship?  

With this internship, I am hoping to improve my skills in data analytics and marketing as well as gain experience in an industry I am not familiar with. 

How will this internship advance your career?/ Where would you like your career to go?  

I hope that it will help me further explore what career paths I enjoy the most as well as provide me with a great base of connections. As for where I would like my career to go, I have always loved biotechnology companies, although I am open to many paths.  

What do you like about working at Shiel Sexton?  

Shiel Sexton seems to have a wealth of individuals from many different backgrounds, and I like working at creative and engaging work environments.