Shiel Sexton Intern Spotlight…

Jackson will be a Junior at Butler University and he is studying Risk Management and Insurance. 

What projects will you be working on/are involved with this summer?  

This summer I will be working with the risk/legal team. I will be assisting them with many projects. By the end of the summer, I will have created a fake crisis to allow the crisis team to practice their response. I will provide feedback on their response to see if there are any ways to improve. I will also go to at least 3 different job sites and report on any risk that I identify. Another task that I have is to prepare a litigation binder that would prepare Shiel Sexton for a possible claim that might occur in the future.  

Have you worked at Shiel Sexton before?  

No, this is my first job here. 

What is your past internship experience (if any)?  

This is my first internship experience. 

What are you hoping to learn this summer with this internship?  

I hope to learn how to look at the big picture as well as I’d like this experience to show me what working in the real world is like. I do also want to learn more little details about risk management and insurance as well such as the proper process you must follow when a claim comes up. Lastly, I’d like to learn more about captive insurance and the ways in which Shiel Sexton uses it and the renewing process the company must go through when it comes time to do so. 

How will this internship advance your career?/ Where would you like your career to go?  

Currently I am not sure what specifically I want my future career to be. I know that I want to be in the risk management/insurance field. I hope that this internship will push me down the right path towards a career that I can enjoy in the future.  

What do you like about working at Shiel Sexton?  

Although I have only been working here for a short time, I have really enjoyed my time so far and I’m sure I will for the rest of the summer as well. Since I have been here, I have noticed that there is always a friendly work environment, and everyone is always willing to help me out if I need it. If I am ever assigned something that I’m not entirely sure what to do, I am able to walk into the office and find someone who specializes in what I was assigned and that is extremely helpful.