Shiel Sexton Intern Jobsite Tour…

On Monday, our 2022 class of interns embarked on a jobsite tour where they were able to see a few our jobsites such as Holliday Farms, Bottleworks, the Stutz Building, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and more!

These jobsite tours expose our interns not only to everyday operations on jobsites, but they were also able to learn valuable information from our Shiel Sexton team members. Check out some of the quotes our interns shared with us about which jobsites were their favorite on the tour:

“My favorite job site was the Holliday Farms Clubhouse because it is located in a beautiful neighborhood full of nice houses and a tremendous golf course. It is also my favorite because it includes restaurants, a pool, a bowling alley, and more. The scale of how it is being built with all the small details will make the site’s end product look great. Gainbridge Fieldhouse was a very close second to me!” -Dante Cefali

“My favorite part of the tour was visiting Gainbridge Fieldhouse. I worked there last summer under a different company, but it was cool to see all the progress that has been made since then. It is also just the coolest jobsite I have ever been on.” -Tim Ott

“My favorite jobsite yesterday was the Stutz building renovation. I thought it was interesting that an old loading dock will be renovated into a vintage car museum and much of the history that goes along with the building will be preserved while making improvements.” -Andrew Metzger

“I would say that my favorite jobsite that we visited on Monday was the Gainbridge Fieldhouse remodel. I picked this job because it was the largest and most active job that we visited.” -Cooper Walchle

“I have to say my favorite jobsite was Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Being able to stand in the center of an empty arena really opened my eyes to how big the project was. I was so fascinated with all of the moving parts and the logistics of such a large project. It was definitely the best tour of the day.” -Abby Osman

“My favorite jobsite was Holliday Farms because I thought the design of the clubhouse was really interesting and there were a lot of unique features such as a bowling alley.”-Olivia Roop