Over the years, Shiel Sexton’s headquarters building has become a museum of sorts, displaying many of the jobsite treasures that adorn on our walls and line our hallways. As you walk the halls of each of the three floors, you’re bound to run into an interesting artifact that was rescued from a jobsite. Each piece has its own unique story on how it ended up at Shiel Sexton. Our building is bursting with hundreds of rare antiques, but we have five in our possession with particularly exciting backstories:



1. Stained Glass Office Doors

Salvaged from a church jobsite demo years ago, they were installed as office doors on the third floor of the building. The vintage pieces add charm to the office setting.





2. Water Boiler

Unearthed at school jobsite, this antique water boiler found a new home on Shiel Sexton’s second floor.  Boilers from this period in addition to this exceptional shape are scarce.





3. Parlor Mirror

Originally located in former CEO Dick Shiel’s grandfather’s house, it was saved from demolition and put into the Indiana Landmarks at Crown Hill Cemetery. Dick later purchased it back from Indiana Landmarks to display inside Shiel Sexton with a plaque added to honor the historical family treasure. You can find this on the first floor right near the entrance.



4. Salvaged Barn Doors

Located on the second floor, the doors were salvaged from the William Conner Home restoration project at Conner Prairie. They are displayed proudly as a representation of Hoosier history.




5. Antique Cornice

This came from the Century Building downtown Indianapolis which was Dick Shiel’s last project. They were repurposed and now function as a hallway bookshelf. The history of the cornice is one of the many sentimental construction pieces found inside Shiel Sexton.