On June 26th, The Shiel Sexton interns had the opportunity to take a tour of six jobsites located across the Indianapolis area. This was a great chance for the interns to gain exposure to the different types of construction managed by Shiel Sexton. Most of the interns are assigned to a project, so they were eager to see a contrast of scenery to what they’re used to. They were able to catch up with each other, as many of the interns are stationed out across the state.

The projects were at varying stages in the construction process and each covered their projected timelines extensively. The sites visited include: Marion County Community Justice Campus, The Ardmore, The Bottleworks District, Dormakaba, KAR Headquarters, and the Hotel Carmichael.

Each stop began with a brief presentation and background information covering the progress for each project and concluded with a tour around the site to highlight construction techniques utilized on each project. The project managers and onsight teams generously answered any questions the group had including tactics and delivery methods. The day was divided by a group lunch where the interns could recap and discuss the morning activities.

The interns that were assigned to jobsites on the tour were given a chance to speak about the project from their viewpoint, including their specific duties for the project and what they’ve learned about working onsite. Each intern brought a unique perspective to the group offering a larger frame of reference for all the different roles within the construction industry.

The day was a tremendous success and gave the interns a fun and insightful opportunity to see the different project scales and diverse jobsites that Shiel Sexton has been working on in the greater Indianapolis Area.