Electrical boxes marked clearly for electricians on the Belmont Abbey College Residence Hall in Belmont, NC

Blocking heights spray painted like this corner pictured on the Belmont Abbey College Residence Hall project


Many things can delay time when installing drywall. These four tips can help eliminate any headaches you may encounter. Preparing the extra steps before drywall essentially takes no extra time and will make your days go a little bit smoother.

  1. Confirm Heights and Locations – Double-check the heights and locations of smoke detectors, light fixtures, and strobes in ADA units are all up to safety code standards. Doing this before installing drywall helps cut down on alterations.
  2. Spray Paint Blocking Heights Throughout Building – If blocking throughout the building isn’t installed at plan height, any finish attached to the walls will not be able to be installed properly such as closet rods, shelving, or wall-mounted televisions.
  3. Mark Electrical Boxes on Floor – This helps prevent any electrical boxes from getting covered up from drywall which eliminates time-wasting modifications!
  4. Clearance Requirements – Beware of clearance requirements before drywall is installed. For example, an electrical box needs seven inches of clearance to be installed adjacent to a hollow metal (HM) frame. It’s easier and cleaner to adjust anything to meet a clearance requirement before the drywall is hung.

Why is this important to consider?

  • This keeps subcontractors happy and on-schedule 
  • Prevents headaches for your team down the road
  • Displays a level of professionalism – an Expect More® effort
  • Speeds up installation time

A pre-punch list for drywall is essential to minimizing rework and ultimately expedite the schedule for your client!