Shiel Sexton has been partnering with and giving back to the community alongside United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) for over 25 years. As a result of the successful collaboration, many Indianapolis families have been positively impacted through these efforts. Recognizing our dedication to the community and the organization, Shiel Sexton was awarded two honors at the UWCI’s annual Spirit Awards on July 31st.

At the corporate level, Shiel Sexton was awarded the honorable 2020 Spirit United award for exceptional volunteer and financial support of the non-profit organization. The prestigious honor “celebrates companies that have consistently supported and generously donated to United Way of Central Indiana” through giving, advocating, and volunteering. 

Spotlighted as the Exceptional Executive, Shiel Sexton’s Chairman/CEO Mike Dilts was also honored as the UWCI Exceptional Executive for 2020. He was recognized as being an outstanding advocator of the organization for many years with an overflow of volunteering personally and with Shiel Sexton employees. “I have spent over 25 years as an active participant in the UWCI,” states Mike.  “Through my involvement, I have been educated about the needs of those in our community that are challenged for a quality and productive life by circumstances beyond their control. I support the United Way because they provide a very large safety net that catches and supports individuals and families to get back on their feet and not fall beyond recovery.”

Read more about the socially-distanced award celebration held last week at Tibb’s Drive-In here and check out the Spirit United award video featuring Shiel Sexton and Mike Dilts below!