Technology is always at the forefront of planning for any Shiel Sexton project. On the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) temple project, Shiel Sexton decided electronic document control would be valuable. We wanted to implement a process for up-to-date field access to these documents.

The LDS data vault is an entire plan room, in real time, kept in the field for instant access from the craft workers. It is the gateway to the all of the project’s electronic documents, including RFI’s, ASI’s, PR’s, daily logs, schedules, CAD files, etc. When a sub has a question, we can immediately access the files, and print out a detail to give them.

Dave Lawrence is one of our most expert superintendents and has made the data vault his field office. He calls it “Hal,” like the computer from 2001:  A Space Odyssey. Using Hal, Dave has laid out and confirmed countless dimensions with the subs, saving trips back and forth from the building. It keeps him in a steady workflow while remaining accessible to the direct work happening onsite.

The data vault is a great example of how Shiel Sexton uses technology at all levels to help us perform at our best. It’s a small investment, but the resulting value is tremendous. Hal’s success will be the standard by which future data vaults are developed on our jobsites.