Most of us love the job. Sure, not every day. We have good days and bad days, but by and large we derive a great deal of satisfaction from solving the various problems large and small that are part of a normal day. We are field people, who enjoy being in the field, in the mud, the dust, the early mornings pouring concrete and the late nights waiting for it to cure. Most would never be comfortable at the office in fact we are only happy in an office trailer. We can deal with owners and laborers alike and every knuckle head misfit in between. If you are indecisive or non-confrontational, you are in the wrong business. We have to be flexible because the plan that is made for tomorrow morning is usually in the proverbial toilet by 7:15 AM the next morning. So reason plan B, C, and D are necessary. Most are perfectionists who worry over every detail because we are responsible, fore in the end whenever anything goes wrong on the job we are responsible. We are mindful of the job budget at all times. This is something that we are more aware of and more focused on than our own personal budgets.  We don’t mind being responsible as long as we are in control. Hence the reason we are all control freaks. There are few people who can or will do this job and for this reason we are so important to this process. We actually ask for the hard jobs because we find them interesting and challenging. We relish the idea of succeeding where others can’t and then acting as if it’s just another day on the job. (never let them see you sweat) This is who we are FIELD PEOPLE. This is because we are a Breed Apart.

John Macdonald, Project Superintendent, Shiel Sexton Carolinas

John Macdonald is a respected and experienced Superintendent on the Shiel Sexton team.  Having spent over 40 years in the industry, he offers a unique perspective into the mindset of an onsite supervisor.  

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