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The summer months are typically our busiest season, but this year is perhaps the busiest Shiel Sexton has experienced in its 54 years. The Indianapolis construction group is in the final stretch at the Fairview House student residences for Butler University, Stansbury Park student housing at the University of Louisville, and the McCourtney Hall research complex at the University of Notre Dame, all of which will be online for the beginning of the school year in August. Our Indianapolis construction teams will also be finishing up work at Indiana University Assembly Hall, which will reopen in October, DePauw University’s Asbury Hall renovation, and the East Quad and geothermal project for the University of Notre Dame. The end of fall will make way for the completed Wintek Data Center in Lafayette, a new child development center at Purdue University, and a brand new headquarters for Stanley Security, as well as a renovated IPL Headquarters on Monument Circle.

Work continues in Carmel, IN at new headquarters facilities for both Liberty Fund and Delta Faucet. The Indianapolis construction group will also be kicking off a new spec warehouse facility at the I-70 West Commerce Park with Sunbeam Development, University of Louisville’s Student Activity Center, Innovation Park Phase 2 at University of Notre Dame, the Resco renovation at Butler University, a new men’s residence hall for University of Notre Dame, renovations to the Purdue University Electrical Engineering School, a new project for National Gypsum, and construction of the Ironworks Hotel at Keystone Village.

Shiel Sexton’s Concrete division will be finishing up work at the University of Louisville’s Stansbury Park, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton, Sun King Brewery, Chewy.com, and Hawthorn Community Center. The concrete group will also be starting work on three 110,000 SF layer houses at Rose Acre Farms, pouring foundations and building slabs at the new Stanley Security Headquarters, beginning the second of four phases of work at FedEx, pouring concrete foundations, core walls, columns, and decks for the new Ironworks Hotel, and will begin work at Sunbeam’s new 600,000 SF warehouse at I-70 West Commerce Park, which includes 320,000 SF of site concrete.

Concrete work will also continue at Butler University with the site package for a new student housing project, and foundation and site packages will be completed at the headquarters for Delta Faucet and Liberty Fund, Indiana University’s Fiji House and Assembly Hall projects, as well as Grace Church in Fishers, Indiana.

Shiel Sexton’s Charlotte, NC office is currently finishing up the Woodfield NoDa project, a 250-unit high-end apartment complex, and will continue work for the same client at the Woodfield Gateway Center apartments and Woodfield Music Factory. Work at the Park & Marsh Senior Living facility should also be complete by October and the teams will start another residential project at 511 Queens.

These projects represent just a few highlights of the coming months. There is so much excitement and so much opportunity in the summer ahead.

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