Shiel Sexton Spotlight…

Our next Shiel Sexton SE Region Spotlight features Bryon Houghton, our Project Manager. Bryon has worked at Shiel Sexton for a little over 3 years. In this interview, he talked about some of his favorite projects he’s worked on over the years and why he likes working in construction. 

What do you like most about Shiel Sexton and your role within the company?  

What I like about my role as a Project Manager is that I am able to work with the Charlotte team and solve problems. I truly love seeing our projects come to our life for our clients.  

What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on during your time with Shiel Sexton?   

During my time here, I’ve had a lot of projects that I’ve enjoyed working on, but I would say my favorite projects have been the Wicked Weed Airport Bar, the Davita Dialysis Clinic, the Pike Nurseries Garden Center, and the Duke Breeden Switch Crew Building. 

What are your typical day-to-day responsibilities? 

My typical day-to-day responsibilities are managing the start-up, construction, and close-out phases of our projects. I also ensure labor and materials are where they need to be when they are needed for each project I am a part of. Communication is a key part of my job as I have to talk with owners regarding progress, issues, and concerns. I also coordinate cost and change management between owners, SSC, and our subcontractors.  

You recently received your Master’s in Construction Management; how do you think that degree will help you with your role at Shiel Sexton? 

The degree has given me a broader perspective on the construction industry itself and where we might be headed. It has helped me in my daily work as I have learned to ask better questions to help steer our projects. 

What do you like most about working in the Construction industry?   

I like that I am able to see our projects turn into useful structures and places for our clients. In addition, I love learning about the different types of businesses we work with and what their needs are and how we can meet those needs. 

Thank you, Bryon, for your hard work and continuous service at Shiel Sexton!