Written by Molly Jeffers, Marketing Intern

The Shiel Sexton interns are finishing up a busy summer. As the summer progressed, the interns fully embraced Shiel Sexton’s ‘Expect More’ culture while working on their different jobsites.

Living the ‘Expect More’ brand, Shiel Sexton’s employees and project teams strive to provide a better client experience. This integrity makes up the diverse culture that makes the Shiel Sexton Experience.

As the summer internship finishes up, BIM Intern Griffin Tull offered his thoughts about his internship and what it means to ‘Build for People Who Expect More.’ 

What has been the most exciting part of the internship? 

I got to work on the Bankers Life Fieldhouse remodel my first day at Shiel Sexton, which was a high note to start [the internship] on. Though I worked in the office most of the time, I saw many jobsites during my short time here. I loved going to see the wide range of jobs Shiel Sexton is involved in. I found it interesting to see the development of the downtown area and the explosive growth it continues to drive in the state.  

What does ‘We Build for People Who Expect More’ mean to you? 

“To me, ‘Expect More’ means learning on the job and working with an increased level of detail. The nature of BIM is that it encompasses all components of construction. There is a lot of information to learn in many different areas. I took a lot of notes while I sat in meetings so that I could soak all of it in. As the first BIM intern (or the “BIM-tern”), there was an excellent back and forth conversation between myself and my superiors. Compared to other “traditional” companies, some people would consider Shiel Sexton a relaxed company. However, I saw my superiors and other coworkers work with a high level of detail and a tremendous work ethic. The construction animations that are done in the BIM department are a perfect example. These animations demonstrate the finesse and thorough comprehension of the project and continue the open conversation with our clients – a detail other companies might shy away from.”

Learning to implement the ‘Expect More’ attitude began on day one at Shiel Sexton. The interns used the new tools in the field and workplace and were always ready to “Build for People Who Expect More.”

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