Shiel Sexton Intern Spotlight…

Tim Ott is a Senior at Ball State University and he is majoring in Construction Management. 

What projects will you be working on/are involved with this summer?  

I am working on the FedEx project in Indianapolis. 

Have you worked at Shiel Sexton before?  

No, I have not worked at Shiel Sexton previously. 

What is your past internship experience (if any)?  

I worked for Gaylor Electric last summer. For this internship, I was out in the field mostly doing manual labor. 

What are you hoping to learn this summer with this internship?  

I am hoping to learn more about the office/management side of construction. Furthermore, I am also hoping to learn more about project management and the responsibilities associated with that role. 

How will this internship advance your career? / Where would you like your career to go?  

This internship will be a great learning opportunity and I will be able to take what I learn in this internship into my full-time job after college. I am hoping to either become a Project Manager or an Estimator once I graduate. 

What do you like about working at Shiel Sexton?  

The best thing so far about working at Shiel Sexton is the people. Everyone has been so nice and helpful to me these past few weeks.