Shiel Sexton Intern Spotlight…

Abby Osman attends Purdue University and she is a Junior majoring in Construction Engineering and Management.  

What projects will you be working on/are involved with this summer?  

Over the summer, I will be working on the Bloomington Multi-family complex.  

Have you worked at Shiel Sexton before? 

No, this is my first summer interning with Shiel Sexton. 

What is your past internship experience (if any)? 

Last summer, I worked with Walsh on the I-69 Finish Line Project.  

What are you hoping to learn this summer with this internship?  

I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of the project management aspect of construction while also getting plenty of site exposure. I would like to understand the general day-to-day responsibilities of managing a project site and be able to apply what I’ve learned by the end of the experience.  

How will this internship advance your career?/ Where would you like your career to go?  

I’m working towards a career as either a Project Manager or a Site Supervisor. I believe that working closely with people in these positions will help me gain insight and exposure to both career paths. I am thankful for an internship like this as it will help me gain the skills and mindset necessary to take on these roles.  

What do you like about working at Shiel Sexton?  

I personally love the community and culture Shiel Sexton has created. It is great to come in and see both the site staff and the workers in the field joking around and being friendly with one another.