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As a company committed to shaping the community while delivering a great experience, we know our highest chance of delivering on this promise comes from investing in our employees. Our leaders recognize that each employee has a unique career path. That’s why we work diligently to offer training, seminars, and additional teaching guides to help our employees reach their highest potential.

Two weeks ago, 16 of our superintendents and assistant superintendents gathered at Jameson Camp in Indianapolis, IN, for a five-day personalized boot camp led by Shiel Sexton’s general superintendents and Elevate Construction’s, Jason Schroeder. The coaching team covered several topics including leadership, planning, scheduling, and team building. 

“Our superintendents are vital to the success of any project, and we want to equip them to face challenges and overcome obstacles,” says General Superintendent Mike Lowe. “We focused intently on applying the habits of a good builder to real-world situations.”

During the end ceremonies, fellow participants voted for winners in the six key categories highlighted throughout the week: Stand Out Leader, Best Team Player, Most Energetic, Best Attitude, Stand Out Performer, and Top Team. Recipients of the awards reflected and demonstrated a series of positive behaviors, among those including high energy, self-improvement, and strong participation.  

Thank you to those who attended the Shiel Sexton Superintendent Boot Camp!