As a 100% employee-owned company, our workforce takes a substantial interest in the company’s strategic direction. Shiel Sexton holds an annual State of the Company address to ensure every employee fully understands their role in helping us achieve our goals.

This year employees gathered for the 32nd annual State of the Company address at the neighboring STUTZ building, which was particularly impactful as Shiel Sexton is currently completing extensive, complicated renovations to this facility. Chairman/CEO Mike Dilts and President/COO Kevin Hunt led the meeting with updates on the company’s status and the vision for the future.

“We’re all shareholders – we all share in the value of this company and its growth,” said Dilts in his opening remarks. Dilts and Hunt then expounded upon business unit plans and focuses for the next few years. 

As we prepare to move into 2023, we look forward to the coming opportunities!

Shiel Sexton State of the Company Recap Video