Shiel Sexton has constructed many prolific projects across the country, from headquarters to urban design to adaptive reuse. As new technologies emerge, Shiel Sexton actively looks for better products, more efficient processes, and better ways to build while reducing the impact on the environment.  One way Shiel Sexton works to reduce its carbon footprint is through Shiel Sexton Concrete’s partnership with imi, which has implemented CarbonCure into pours since 2017.

CarbonCure introduces CO2 into concrete mixtures, where the CO2 then mineralizes. This injection of the CO2 means that the carbon dioxide gas does not get released into the atmosphere thus reducing emissions and lessening the effect of construction on the environment.

In 2020, Shiel Sexton poured over 22,752 of cubic yards of concrete infused with CarbonCure, translating into a total carbon savings of 614,304 lbs.  That would take 364 acres of trees an entire year to sequester that same amount of CO2. 

“The Expect More culture at Shiel Sexton means we are committed to helping decrease our carbon footprint,” says President/COO Kevin Hunt, “We are excited to utilize Carbon Cure to help with this effort.”

Take a look at the case study that outlines the carbon emissions savings from the recent new construction of a warehouse for client Sunbeam Development Corporation using this technology.