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Something new is in the works at Discovery Place, Charlotte’s hands on science museum for kids of all ages. Construction began mid-August on two new interactive teaching lab spaces at the Uptown Charlotte location.  Both labs are being furnished with industrial metal casework and accented with splashes of blues, lime greens and grays to add some funk to the spaces, including a custom graffiti finish artwork on the concrete floor designed by the museum art department in one lab and metallic epoxy flooring swirled with pewter and cobalt blue in the other.

An instructor station and pod-style tables seat up to 30 students, but the action can still be viewed for those outside of the room as both labs are enhanced with large observation windows on three sides.

Creating new space within an active museum holds its own unique challenges.  Discovery Place is a learning environment so the Shiel Sexton team invited visitors to experience construction progress by installing acrylic glass openings in the temporary walls to serve as viewing stations.  Now visitors can see the construction in action while watching the new space come to life.

“This has been an incredibly fun project to work on,” commented Teresa Bradley, Assistant Project Manager for the Shiel Sexton team.  “Discovery Place is a well-known museum in Charlotte and the owners are fantastic to work with.  They are engaged and actively involved about the project.  With owners like these, it makes doing what we love even better.”

Look for the new updates to Discovery Place to open in the next two weeks!

The Messenger Newsletter | November 2016 | Shiel Sexton Carolinas