The construction of the Marion County Community Justice Campus has been underway since 2018. This latest addition to the city will have an incredible impact on Indianapolis court systems and processes by providing more courts and better services for the community. Shiel Sexton is serving as the City of Indianapolis’ representative for Construction Management services of creating the new campus on the Southeast Side. The campus is designed to support holistic criminal justice reform in the City with a focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

Construction across the massive 50-acre campus is taking off at a rapid pace. This new campus will bring new career opportunities, legal justice, and new businesses to the southeast neighborhood of Twin Aire. Shiel Sexton is excited to be a part of this paramount addition to the city of Indianapolis.

Check out the updates below on the major components coming to the new campus.

Community Justice Center Courthouse Main Building: This building will house the courtrooms for civil and criminal courts, and it served as the campus’s first groundbreaking event in July 2018. The main building already has poured foundation concrete, pre-cast walls, floor level installations, and roofing.

Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC): Foundation concrete has been poured and walls are up. The groundbreaking ceremony for the AIC was held in early October of this year. As of recent, roof installation and parking lot grading has begun. 

Adult Detention Center: The foundational concrete was poured commemorating the first stage of construction for the Adult Detention Center. Approximately 400 pieces of pre-cast has been set with more going up every day.