Shiel Sexton General Counsel Kris Altice has re-joined the Shiel Sexton Board of Directors, effective October 1, 2023.

Beginning her career with the company in 1999, Kris was the firm’s first general counsel. With over 30 years of experience in construction law and business litigation, she diligently aids Shiel Sexton through contract negotiations, litigations, and mediations. Kris also assisted greatly during Shiel Sexton’s transformation into an ESOP company. She will contribute a distinct perspective on policy establishment to the board as it works with company leaders to strategize for the future.

Kris’s Perspective:

Q: What spurned the decision to bring you onto the board?

A:  We are always evaluating the expertise of board members and looking to fill any gaps.   We have not had a board member with risk management expertise for quite some time; therefore, it made sense for me to re-join the board.  We are also seeking to maintain and\ appropriate ratio of internal to external board members.

Q: Do you have any objectives you’d like to accomplish?

A:  I am looking forward to helping Shiel Sexton achieve its strategic plan goals.  We want to continue to push the envelope in a planned and deliberate manner.

Q: How has your experience on other boards shaped your knowledge on how to be on this board?

A:  Serving on other boards has exposed me to other governance best practices, acquisition and retention strategies, growth models, etc. and I can bring that knowledge back to Shiel Sexton.

A veteran board member, Kris has served several organizations, including the Methodist Health Foundation, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Indianapolis 500 Festival, Ruth Lilly Health Education Center, and the Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series. Kris also serves on the boards of Steel Encounters, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT) and Ketchum & Walton Co. (Columbus, OH).  Kris is a frequent speaker on topics related to construction law and in-house counsel issues. Welcome back to the Board of Directors, Kris!