Construction of the new Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis retail store and service garage is complete, much to the delight of Central Indiana riders. Visitors are flocking to the retailer to experience the one-stop shop that consists of Harley-Davidson clothing and merchandise, a service garage, and entertaining space. The Shiel Sexton project team – Project Executive Steve Clymer, Superintendents Rich Dawson and Jeff Lane, and Assistant Project Manager Kevin McClure – weighed in on building for the legendary brand.

1) What was your favorite part of working on the project?

Dawson: The team cooperation. Once we got started, we had a good game-plan and stuck to it. We had the foundation package installed within a one-week time frame! Overall, the project went well with very few roadblocks.

Lane: I enjoyed hearing from Harley riders all around the country about how great they think the building is.

2) What makes this store unique from all the other Harley-Davidson stores?

Lane: The one-of-a-kind features such as gas fire pits, imported decorative metals, motorcycle lift, and beautiful showroom.

McClure: The entertaining areas for the customers.

3) What element of the project do you think will be best-received by Harley riders and the retailer’s visitors?

Dawson: Not only can you view and purchase new bikes from the showroom floor, there is also a full-service area and gift shop as well. The convenience that is presented to customers will be very well received.

McClure: The service ride-up door that allows customers to pull their bikes directly into the dealership for service.

4) How do you think this project will shape the community?

Clymer: It will arouse curiosity among Fishers residents to visit the facility and check it out. Plus, the Harley-Davidson riders will spread the word amongst their network, bringing more visitors to the area.

Dawson: I would say that the Northside will have a lot more Harleys navigating the roundabouts!

The Shiel Sexton project team worked tirelessly to deliver Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis before Spring. Take a joyride down to 12400 Reynolds Drive in Fishers, IN, where the retailer is now open for business.

The SCOOP | March 2018 | More from this issue