BAM Rents has grown a great deal since its launch in 1998. The first several years of business focused exclusively on serving Shiel Sexton’s self-performance group rental needs. Over the years, the customer base outside of Shiel Sexton has expanded by growing its’ inventory and equipment options.

“Our inventory has evolved from just small tools and demo equipment to carrying aerial scissor lifts, aerial boom lifts, small excavators, skid steer loaders, and forklifts,” says BAM general manager Brian Dilts. “For example, BAM owns 108 pieces of aerial platform lifts that range from 12’-40’ in height, six pieces of aerial boom lifts ranging from 30’ to 80’ in height, four pieces of mini-excavators ranging from 7,500-11,000 lbs., eight skid steer loaders and seven industrial forklifts.”

BAM’s equipment inventory has grown exponentially since its inception, and BAM’s experts are always on the lookout for new equipment that will alleviate the needs of contractors. BAM has recently began investing in larger track skid steer loaders and mini-excavators, as need for these tools has risen in the past five years.

“Customers that have traditionally rented a backhoe in the past are moving toward utilizing a combination of large skid steers and mini-excavators for flexibility and increased productivity,” says Dilts. “Purchasing this type of equipment will meet the demands of our customer and provide them with the equipment they need to get the job done.”

BAM’s broad knowledge of commercial construction and its vast array of rental equipment and supplies ensures that every client receives exceptional service, on-time delivery and quality products. BAM prides itself on the straightforward process for renting equipment. The online rental catalog or simply a quick call to 317-423-6012 allows a request for a quote to be placed in minutes.