Shiel Sexton was founded on the principle that the value of a contractor should be based on more than the orchestration of manpower and materials. As the business grew in size and experience, we learned that each market sector requires specific specialized skill sets to meet the complex demands of our clients. This heightened level of attention to our clients led to the creation of Anova. 

In 2005, Shiel Sexton received a request from a client to pilot a Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) program for a complex capital project in Indianapolis. The client had brand new buildings that had been empty for more than a year because they could not get them commissioned or validated. The client believed the reasoning for this was the lack of quality coming out of the construction phase. 

During a time when BIM 360 or other project management systems did not exist, Tim Isle, then Group Manager for Shiel Sexton, created a database to track and document issues found in the field. This database enabled the team to verify systems were installed per plan and specification. The project was a success, providing a $4 million savings and Shiel Sexton was hired to implement the same program on a project in Ireland. 

“We started getting this critical mass where this was all I was doing,” says Anova President Tim Isle. “Out of the blue, we received a call from another large pharmaceutical company with the similar problem. At that point, we determined this would be a perfect complement business unit. That was the organic growth that started Anova.”

Anova’s ability to bring creative solutions and processes to help owners deliver complex facilities is due to the growing demand for subject matter expertise and experience that either wasn’t present within client organizations or required augmentation for capital program peaks. 

Today, Anova is a leading professional services firm dedicated to safety and quality construction solutions for clients with specialized facilities. More than construction management, Anova is focused on delivering better buildings to its partners with creative problem-solving, data-driven decisions and measurable outcomes.

Anova has served in various roles including Owner’s Technical Representative, Safety and Quality Specialist, Commissioning Authority, and many more with clients in the Healthcare, Aviation, Industrial, and Life Science industries. 

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our people, we implement industry-leading best practices engineered to deliver adaptable solutions. This approach allows us to provide clients with actionable insights empowering them to make informed decisions.

“Anova provides subject matter expertise for our client’s capital projects,” states Isle. “Just like our clients provide expertise in their respective fields, Anova’s team members provide SME so our clients can focus on what they do best.”

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