The Shiel Sexton interiors division has been working on office interior renovations for decades. Over time, the look of interior office space changes to keep up with commercial trends and company culture. We’ve highlighted four design trends utilized on recent Shiel Sexton projects:

  • DESIGNFlex Ceilings – These are easy, customizable designs that can give an office a more contemporary feeling. Ceilings can be installed in a variety of pieces, shapes, colors, and lighting. Raised or dropped ceilings are also a factor that clients can consider. A dropped ceiling gives a cloud-like design and flashes a more industrial look. Our recently completed interior renovation for Everest Specialty Insurance features DESIGNFlex ceilings in multiple rooms pictured here:
  • Residential-Style Break rooms – The utilitarian-style, white-walled break rooms are a thing of the past. Now, more and more companies are searching for kitchen and break room space that gives an at-home environment for employees to relax and unwind. This can include a full kitchen with appliances and snacks, comfortable seating, and other activities to stimulate employees. The Shiel Sexton interiors division gave Anthem-Lytle a new kitchen and break room space that is exciting and engaging. Features include a full kitchen, games, television, and ample seating.
  • Flex Office Space – A modern office doesn’t require an employee to be glued to his or her desk every day. Flexible office and meeting spaces have been trending in open-office concepts. Whether you have a private phone call to make or would like to switch up the view, modern offices give employees the choice to move around. The latest Shiel Sexton interiors project at High Alpha features several spaces to spread out including private rooms, collaborative spaces, hallway pods, and a unique bleacher-style workspace.
  • Custom Wall Art – Each office wants its own unique branding. Wall installations and art have been a popular choice to express company history and culture. It brings a personal element into the office and a reminder of what makes each company unique. The Indiana Business Journal (IBJ) renovation project had custom wall art installations for company branding and a map of Indianapolis to show where it all started.

Interior office space is an ever-changing environment. To keep up with the ebb and flow of corporate culture and trends, Shiel Sexton interiors division researches and listens to what clients want. As the modern office begins to shape in different ways, we make sure to consistently deliver an Expect More® project.