Why we enforce strict quality guidelines on our projects… 

At Shiel Sexton, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and understanding their needs for their projects. After being in business for 60 years, we recognize that each project is different and therefore we adapt our processes to each project we take on. 

But the one thing that doesn’t change is our commitment to quality. Our philosophy is that a great building experience should leave behind a legacy of quality. So, what does “quality” mean for a Shiel Sexton construction project? 

Well, it means that we follow the highest standards in every aspect of a project which includes organization, materials, communication, building practices, code compliance, subcontractor selection, and so much more. Our goal is to ensure you get the building you expect, and the building you pay for. 

This coincides as to why we created Shiel Sexton OS+ which is our system of processes, procedures, and technologies that consistently deliver high quality through each stage of a construction project. Every stage of a construction project is vastly different and frankly can be more complicated, so here is how we ensure quality through the stages of Plan, Build, and Support: 


For your project, there should be no compromise on quality. We recognize that quality assurance must be a collaborative process between everyone involved in a construction project whether that’s designers, contractors, or subcontractors. Establishing a communication plan early into the project enables our team to discuss critical elements to make the project as successful as possible. 


The next stage in the construction process, building, is more extensive as we focus on both Management Quality and Put-in-Place Quality to ensure quality work is performed. Management quality focuses on organization, training, and controls to deliver repeatable outcomes while Put-in-Place Quality processes are enabled by Procore which helps every person on the project stay up to date on the latest processes.  


The end of a construction project doesn’t mean the end of a relationship with a client. Frankly, it’s just the beginning of the next phase. We create turnover packages, warranty, and on-call service programs for our clients to show that Shiel Sexton quality has no expiration date. 

Quality assurance is at the top of our mind for every construction project. We aim to exceed your expectations of quality so you can be satisfied with your project’s end result.