September 30, 2016 marks a monumental day in the history of Shiel Sexton.  We are officially 100% ESOP!  And we sure are proud of it!

In 2012, Shiel Sexton took the first step in employee ownership by becoming 30% ESOP.  Our overall goal was to become 100% ESOP as quickly as possible so we could realize the full financial benefits of employee ownership.  And today is that day!  At the end of business today, Shiel Sexton will officially be 100% ESOP.

What’s an ESOP?  In short, an ESOP is a qualified employee retirement benefit plan that gives employees a stake in the company through stock allocation at no cost to the employee. It’s a way for employees to share financially in the wealth we create, no matter the job they hold.  There’s a lot more detail that is involved in ESOP’s, but today we are all about the celebration.

From this day forward, every Shiel Sexton employee you meet, work with or speak to is an owner of Shiel Sexton.  As our clients, this should provide you a level of comfort that we do not look at each of our responsibilities as tasks, but as a part of a much bigger picture.  We build for people who expect more, we employ people who expect more and now Shiel Sexton is owned by people who expect more.

As you drive past our jobsites and offices today and throughout the next couple of weeks, you’ll notice the “We Own It!” banners proudly hung for display on fences, trailers, or even in the windows.  We’re proud of what we’ve become and we’re excited to share the great news with our clients and people in our community.  Throughout the day, we’ll be commemorating this monumental event with photos from celebrations at all of our job sites and offices.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the photos or check out this video link here!

We Own it!