Shiel Sexton employee has temperature checked by medical professional. Quote from Shiel Sexton Safety Director Ray Lake Pages from Shiel Sexton's Safe Work Playbook Two medical professionals stand beside Shiel Sexton COVID-19 safety signs

As the United States began to feel the effects of COVID-19, Shiel Sexton quickly turned to our in-house experts to develop a strategy to keep our essential business functioning safely while minimizing the risk to our employees’ lives.  From safety to risk management to onsite supervision to support staff, we gathered the most cohesive and impactful plan brought together by our own staff.  Utilizing their advice and thorough research, we have deployed and continuously evolved jobsite safety practices. We expanded upon CDC guidelines, implemented temperature checks on both jobsites and office facilities, held virtual town halls to connect all employees, routinely produced and distributed video messages from executives to employees, and much more.  We couldn’t be more proud that our in-house experts have executed all of these initiatives during this dynamic time period.  

The effects of COVID-19 won’t go away soon, but we are prepared for that.  We have developed and implemented a plan to keep jobsites functioning, schedules on track, and employees connecting (virtually, of course). Most importantly, we will keep our greatest asset – our employees – safe and healthy. Our Pandemic Response Team comprised of executives and safety professionals meets daily to review operations, make updates and monitor our progress. We are moving forward and making changes to ensure efficient operations and to deliver to our clients on schedule, as promised.    

With all this said, we understand that no company or industry is immune from COVID-19. While we all wish to return to business as usual, we know it is not a realistic option at this time. As we navigate this new normal, we are doing our best to keep our employees and members of the public safe while continuing to run a productive business. We know many of you are doing the same, but we also understand how overwhelming managing this process can be. We want to help!

Anova and Shiel Sexton Services (S3), two divisions of Shiel Sexton, have jointly developed specific operating procedures and training materials to raise awareness on COVID-19 protocols based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control for our employees and job sites. We want to share this information with you for free as you also begin to reopen your businesses. 

“To protect our employees and clients, we felt it was critical to create and adopt a plan that prevents the spread of the disease and how to respond if it does,” said Tim Isle, Anova President. “While our approach may not fit your exact needs, we believe it is versatile enough to be tailored to support various scenarios you may encounter when reopening your business.”

Anova’s list of reopening protocols include activities to:

  • Reduce transmission among employees
  • Maintain healthy business operations
  • Maintain a healthy work environment

As we weather this storm, it may be hard to see a silver lining. However, we are all facing the same challenge to create a workplace where our employees feel comfortable to perform their jobs safely. We are all in this together, and we’re committed to sharing our resources to help you adapt to new operating procedures during this difficult time. 

If you would like a copy of our return-to-work playbook, have questions, or need assistance implementing your plan, please contact Tim Isle at