Shiel Sexton has always believed that the cornerstone of any business is its connection to the communities it serves. Last week, we had an excellent opportunity to support our community as we kicked off our 30th annual United Way Week Campaign. Employees were able to participate in very exciting and interactive virtual events to donate and win great prizes.

“Hot Ones” Challenge – Kicking off the week, employees tuned in to watch President/COO Kevin Hunt partake in a savory challenge. As more donations came in, Kevin ate wings with increasingly spicier hot sauce. Donations were off to a blazing start with over $3,000 raised the first day.

Virtual Bingo – A milder interactive event took place for employees to participate next. The crowd-pleasing game of Bingo was hosted during lunch time to win SunKing gift items and to encourage donations. After a long stand-off, Stacy Apple took home the prize!

March Madness Superfan Selfie Challenge – To close out the week, employees were encouraged to represent their favorite team by sending in a selfie for a chance to win a $50 gift card. In order to submit, participants were asked to make a donation. Employees were able to judge the winning fan photo. Congratulations to Tim Brogan for winning the March Madness Superfan Selfie Challenge!

Overall, we had an eventful campaign with a generous amount of donations. We were able to raise over $25,000 and many canned goods and clothing items this year for the United Way of Central Indiana. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to make this event a success!