Shiel Sexton has always championed technological innovation, adopting BIM and VDC programs long before their universal acceptance in the construction industry. Today, Shiel Sexton continues to pioneer new applications of BIM, both for owners and for the project team that constructs these facilities.

For Hendricks Regional Health’s Endoscopy renovation, VDC Manager Ken Meding has been creating 3D models of both procedure and patient resting rooms, rooms where functionality is vital. Ken’s goal is to export these mockups into a Virtual Reality (VR) viewable format so that the owner and doctors may examine the setup of the room to ensure that it works for their critical operations.

Laser Scanning and reality capture is a growing function of improving the construction process leveraging VDC/BIM technologies, which Shiel Sexton is utilizing on the Hendricks Regional Health’s Endoscopy renovation and was used on a past projects including Ironworks Hotel, IU Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall and Purdue Electrical Engineering Renovation.

“Laser scanning helps us identify critical issues at the beginning of a project, as opposed to during construction,” says Meding, “This allows us to solve a problem that could have potentially stopped production for weeks or months, and cost the owner a lot of money.”

The VDC team is also assisting the Design-Build process for KAR Global Headquarters. For this particular project, Shiel Sexton is leveraging BIM for enclosure coordination to guarantee that the slab edges, curtain wall and connection points will align when physically constructed.

“KAR will be the perfect project for Shiel Sexton to showcase how we leverage the technology we have in-house, “says VDC Director Shannon DeVon, “The concrete group is working with the VDC department to incorporate the benefits of 3D models into their work flow to reduce risk and increase efficiency as we speak. It will be a great job for all involved.”

BIM/VDC has become an indispensable element in the construction industry, and Shiel Sexton looks to keep pushing the limit as new software and technologies become available.

The SCOOP | December 2017 | More from this issue