The Shiel Sexton Indianapolis office gathered at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on December 22nd to celebrate the holiday season with our annual employee Holiday Party. Not only is the party a chance for Shiel Sexton employees to gather and celebrate the past year’s successes and future opportunities, it also serves as an important reminder of how critical our safety culture is to daily operations. In addition to the annual review of the safety video, the Safety Department recapped 2017 statistics and unveiled 2018 initiatives. After a delicious catered lunch, everyone settled in for an exciting raffle. All crafts people left as winners, as each carpenter, laborer, and finisher received a new DeWalt Impact drill set for his or her toolkit.

Since the holidays are generally a busy time, our Charlotte office decided to host an After-the-Holidays Party at Heist Brewery, a local favorite, on January 6th. A trivia host brought down the house with a pop culture trivia night. The employees were divided into teams, playing a grand total of six rounds of trivia. Employees from the winning team received tickets to a raffle with some amazing prizes.

Thank you to our safety department and brand management department for hosting a great party in Indianapolis, and kudos to Sara Downing, BD Manager, and Sara Whitten, Executive Assistant, for coordinating the Charlotte festivities. We were delighted to once again come together to commemorate a successful 2017, and raise a toast to 2018.