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Shiel Sexton recently celebrated the completion of its fourth project with Nice-Pak Products. The Nice-Pak second floor office renovation stems from three other successful renovations at the Mooresville manufacturing facility, which were completed by Shiel Sexton and Shiel Sexton Concrete over the past year and a half. Shiel Sexton carpentry and labor forces provided the demolition, framing, drywall hanging, and drywall finishing, as well as the doors, frames, and hardware for this interior renovation.

Shiel Sexton superintendent, Barry Billman, was an integral player in the project’s successful outcome. MaryAnn Dust, Nice-Pak’s facilities maintenance supervisor, was extremely pleased by the quality product Billman helped to deliver.

“Barry was excellent at running the project daily, demonstrated excellent communication with me on a daily basis and ran the project daily with minimal oversight or input from me,” said Dust. She added that she had received many positive comments regarding the high caliber of the renovation work.

Barry’s constant communication ensured that Nice-Pak employees could continue working in the areas bordering construction as nearby office spaces remained partially occupied and operational during the renovation.

Shiel Sexton has enjoyed a long relationship with Nice-Pak in the past, and we look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

In addition to Billman, Shiel Sexton would also like to thank Ryan Strole, Raymond Pena, Gary Turner, and the Shiel Sexton concrete crews for their dedication to creating a great experience for this valued client.

The SCOOP | December 2016 | More from this issue