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Discovery Place children’s museum in uptown Charlotte opened its doors 35 years ago and has been a leading advocate for hands-on science education ever since. The museum is notorious for its exciting exhibits and interactive elements that encourage children to explore the wonders of the scientific world. Shiel Sexton is currently wrapping up an extensive renovation for Discovery Place that focused on extending the theater and lab space to increase the quality of demonstrations.

Construction, which will be complete by the first of the year, consisted of two new discovery labs totaling 3,350 SF, in addition to support office and auxiliary space upgrades. The labs are set up with pod-style seating to allow for hands-on participation as children interact with instructors. Along with the additional lab space, the 3-D theater was expanded to provide space for livelier demonstrations and theatrical performances.

Throughout the renovation process, the museum not only stayed open, but invited guests to view construction efforts through the safety of looking-glass panels. This practice educated guests about the various stages of a construction renovation, while building excitement for the finished product.

The interior renovation proved to be an exciting experience with a high profile institution in the Charlotte, NC community, and Shiel Sexton is a proud partner of Discovery Place.

The SCOOP | December 2016 | More from this issue