Indiana University’s Assembly Hall is bustling with activity. Shiel Sexton’s construction team is in full force at the iconic venue, as the $45 million face-lift enters the final stages. Hoosier fans will not be disappointed by the stadium’s new amenities and thoughtful preservation of the arena’s rich basketball History.

“Assembly Hall was already the best building in college basketball. Now there won’t even be a close second,” said Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean (WDRB Media, 2016).

The renovation began in March of last year and slowed from November to April during the 5-month basketball season, while construction of the south addition continued outside of the facility. Now, entering the project’s 14th month, activity has shifted into high gear with approximately 50% of construction to be completed in the last 6 months.

The renovated facility, to be renamed Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall thanks to a $40 million donation from philanthropist Cindy Simon Skjodt, will open in October and features plenty of new amenities for Hoosier fans to enjoy. From remodeled bathrooms and concession stands, the installation of escalators, and a new video board that dwarfs the original, to new flooring and the addition of an atrium window to allow a full view of the floor from outside the bowl, visiting Hoosiers can expect a noticeably new, yet familiar experience.

Fans will see IU’s five national championship banners hanging in their usual place above the north end of the arena, while the rest of the banners will move above new club level seating. Every level of the building will be remade in some way, but the nostalgia of the 40-year old venue will not be lost as artifacts from the original facility, such as pieces of the original floor and the arena’s old scoreboard, will be displayed throughout the building, preserving a little bit of IU basketball history.

The complexities of this project require significant, detailed logistical coordination. “Our vast experience working on occupied college campuses and the team’s ability to respond promptly to the University’s needs have been a big part of why this project has, and will continue, to achieve great success,” said Joel Scheele, Shiel Sexton project manager.

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