Shiel Sexton finished construction on the Mint Street Parking Deck Grand Stair project located in uptown Charlotte, NC. We caught up with Project Manager Cody Herbert as he reflected on some unique aspects of this challenging project.  


The project called for a replacement of a six-story exterior stair structure on a parking garage. Existing support methods were utilized along with existing connection points. Our team worked with the steel fabricator to utilize 3D technology and a Microsoft Hololens product to enable the 3D model to be viewed in VR. This gave the team enough information to rebuild the stairs with new materials to an exact science and ensure the new stairs fit perfectly into the existing location. 


The small site in the heart of uptown Charlotte posed a difficult challenge. The site is on the corner of Mint and Graham Street directly across from the Carolina Panthers stadium. The busy intersection was utilized by numerous runners, walkers, and spectators in addition to the active use of the garage. The site superintendent was diligent about all safety precautions and overall site cleanliness.  He ensured all signage, safety barricades, fences, and equipment were kept up with on a daily basis. The quality of our employees and subcontractors had to be top notch to work together to make sure all Owner and Shiel Sexton requirements were met


The size of the site played in to affect when COVID19 hit. We had welders, fabricators, and canopy installers working inside a small confinement, so we changed our daily tasks by adding additional cleaning of the portable toilets, handwash stations, required masks, and health testing.  The team worked diligently to ensure safety and quality of the project was at Expect More® quality.

This project leaves a noticeable improvement to the facility that creates an overall safer environment for guests to utilize daily. With many factors challenging the project team, Shiel Sexton was able to deliver the client an excellent enhancement to the parking deck.