It has been another successful Beyond the Build week for Shiel Sexton! Last week marked the third annual week-long celebration at Shiel Sexton where we take time to celebrate our company, community and co-ownership.  Beyond the Build is chance to take a breath, and look back on how far we have come since we started the ESOP journey in 2012 and then turned 100% ESOP in 2016 and look forward to the opportunities that will come with the new year. 

Each Shiel Sexton jobsite across the Midwest and Southeast displayed banners and posters celebrating the week.  Delivery teams met employees onsite with cookies and special video message from Chairman/CEO Mike Dilts. Photos from the jobsites and office celebrations were posted all throughout our social media channels.  Check them out here! 

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Both the Charlotte and Indianapolis offices set aside one day out of the week to give back to the community in a special way. This year, almost 100 Shiel Sexton volunteers set out to construct and landscape at the Capital City Church of Christ on the eastside of Indianapolis. Partnering up with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, we were able to do our part in transforming this neighborhood to deliver a safe and inviting space for family and friends. In Charlotte, the team partnered up with Crisis Assistance Ministry to assemble furniture for Mecklenburg County families in need. The teams started with a goal of 10 furniture builds over two shifts, but they quickly surpassed their goal and built 20 dressers!!  

At the end of the week, employees gathered for one last celebration. This year the Indianapolis group celebrated at Bullseye Event Center for food, games, and raffle prizes! Congratulations to Mark Winters, Matt Beach, Chris Mitchell, Chris Metzger, and Juan Salgado for winning the raffle!  The Charlotte team had a great time bowling and winning raffle prizes as well at Ten Park Lanes.

Beyond the Build has quickly acclimated in the Shiel Sexton culture and employees across all departments, divisions and offices truly enjoy the unified celebration of not only our company, but our employees as well.  We’re already looking forward to Beyond the Build 2020!