Thank you to the following employees for their Years of Service with Shiel Sexton:

  • Christopher Emerson: 5 Years of Service
  • Craig Martin: 10 Years of Service
  • Anthony Volpp: 5 Years of Service
  • Carla Allgeier: 5 Years of Service
  • Jon Smith: 20 Years of Service
  • Bill Henry: 20 Years of Service
  • Shannon DeVon: 5 Years of Service
  • Ryle Perry II: 5 Years of Service

Congratulations to the following Shiel Sexton employee on their recent Promotion:

  • Joe Krebs: Assistant Project Manager
  • Cody Herbert: Assistant Project Manager
  • Jeremy Sanders: Superintendent
  • Jeff Dillinger: Senior Superintendent
  • Justin Reitz: Superintendent

Shiel Sexton also welcomes the following New Hires:

  • Christian Alcauter: Skilled Laborer
  • Rosendo Gonzalez: Skilled Laborer
  • Zach Hankins: Safety Manager/Anova
  • Jarrod Huffman: Finisher
  • Ricardo Perez Reyes: Laborer
  • Amanda Page: Learning and Development Specialist
  • Caspian Schmitz: Preconstruction Coordinator
  • Todd Ellwanger: Project Manager