Shiel Sexton recently completed the new construction of Davita Dialysis Care in Kannapolis, NC, with developer, Crossland Southeast. The 9,000 SF facility includes open offices with patient and nurse stations that create a collaborative environment for the healthcare facility. Other amenities include an employee breakroom with stainless steel appliances, a pull-up carport for guests, and a spacious waiting room with a fireplace.

The sitework for the facility proved to be one of the greatest challenges of the project.  A storm water drainage system was installed underneath the parking lot to prevent environmental issues such as pollution, flooding, or erosion by allowing water to run off on the surface into drainage tanks.

Shiel Sexton assistant project manager Bryon Houghton explains the project challenge, “The 1.1-acre site required a parking lot and an on-grade Best Management Practices (BMP) pond for the stormwater runoff. As a result, the civil engineers utilized an underground detention system to collect the runoff from various stormwater inlets across the site. Sand and weir plates control and filter the stormwater before it is released from the system.

The system was placed at the only entrance to the site which complicated the excavation process and access to the building. Careful consideration of the work sequence was required to keep construction moving forward. 

To further complicate the process, the deep excavation required for the 8’ pipe proved troublesome when it rained. The system was encased completely in stone on all sides and wrapped in fabric. After completion, it was buried underneath the front parking lot.

This is the first project Shiel Sexton has delivered to Crossland Southeast.