A few months ago, Matt Jacques and Kevin Sheets demonstrated a great example of how Shiel Sexton employees live the brand every day, often without realizing it. Living the brand gave Ball State University more than they expected.

Matt and Kevin volunteered their time to host a field trip presentation for a Construction Safety class at Ball State. In addition to presenting an in-class lecture, Kevin and Matt also took the students on a tour of the new student housing complex, which Shiel Sexton is currently building on campus. Instructor Timothy Kirby was kind enough to offer his thoughts on the Shiel Sexton team’s performance:

“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the great Field Trip your company did for my Construction Safety class on Wednesday night. During the semester, as I teach the course, I am always looking for companies that will take their time to show students real life examples. We often discuss things in class that students don’t often get to see in real life. For this reason, I am particularly appreciative of the time taken by your employees Matt Jacques and Kevin Sheets.

Although they were working on their off hours, they took their time to give a very informative presentation on how construction projects work. They provided great insights on what the students need to know and how this knowledge might affect their future. Kevin gave a great tour of the BSU site and his comments were well received by the students. This was evidenced by the many questions that they had during his tour.

Matt Jacques injected the safety theme into the presentation and his dedication to the safety field was infectious. As I watched his tour, all of the students showed great interest in what he was talking about. He even came back to class and talked for another hour. He prepared a very good slide presentation. This presentation gave great verification to what they learn in class. I am very impressed that your company is willing to take their time and show interest in spreading the word about the need for Safety.

I hope to keep Matt as a resource in the future and I am very thankful that you would offer me this opportunity to see construction as it truly is. Thank you again.”

Thank you to Matt and Kevin, and to all of Shiel Sexton’s great employees for living the brand every day. Our promise is what we want customers to say about us when we’re at our best: “I got more than I expected, a great building and a great experience.” When customers speak of our company in words like this we will know we have met our goal.