Safety in Construction Goes Beyond Physical Health

A common misperception of the construction industry is that safety only equates to the physical health of construction workers. While physical health is definitely important, mental and emotional health should also be heavily considered, however, it is not discussed as frequently. 

Safety in construction should encompass every aspect of a worker’s well-being, so here are a few ways to support construction workers in every capacity. 

Physical Health: 

  • Equipping construction workers with the proper PPE and equipment 
  • Providing safety training to prevent accidents and injuries 
  • Offering frequent breaks 

Depending on project schedules, construction workers can expect to work longer shifts more often than not. Since it’s physical labor, this obviously can be tiring and providing workers with the opportunity to take breaks or have the knowledge to protect themselves from hazards is crucial. 

Mental/Emotional Health: 

  • Having open conversations regarding the importance of mental health  
  • Providing counseling services and mental health resources 
  • Offering flexible schedules to accommodate for appointments

According to BigRentz, a study conducted by CIRP found that 83% of construction workers have struggled with mental health issues. This number is substantial and has skyrocketed after COVID-19 for a multitude of reasons. Now more than ever, it is imperative that construction firms find ways to support their construction workers in more ways than just their physical health.