How the construction labor gap has affected the industry… 

As we all know, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit many industries hard. In the construction industry, a lot of construction firms faced labor shortages due to the postponement of projects, supply chain shortages, and more.  

TrueLook gave some insight into some of the challenges the construction industry has faced over the past two years which include: 

  • 40% of construction firms had to lay off some staff members due to COVID-19 
  • 75% of construction firms and contractors had to alter their work procedures to accommodate social distancing 
  • 40% of commercial and institutional construction projects were delayed because of the pandemic 

Unfortunately, construction firms are still facing the repercussions of COVID-19 with the ongoing labor shortage. Construction projects are now beginning to ramp up, and while this is great for construction, the shortage of workers makes it harder for firms to manage project schedules.  

As we all know, construction workers are crucial to construction firms as it would be impossible to complete any job. These workers are essential in helping us do what we do best, construct buildings. Now, more than ever, we need construction workers in the field and in our offices.  

Truthfully, there are a lot of benefits of working in the construction industry, which are: 

  • Various positions are available, such as working in the office or on job sites 
  • Internship/apprenticeship opportunities 
  • Huge demand for craft professionals by 2023 
  • Career growth  

The construction industry is filled with numerous opportunities for individuals to create a long, fulfilling career. As we all know, construction is all around us. Whether that’s repaving roads, renovating buildings, or constructing new buildings, there are always construction projects to be worked on. Because of this, the demand for construction workers has risen substantially in recent years. While there is a labor gap as of now, the construction industry is a great industry to be a part of and an industry where you can build a career that you are looking for. Not only is there a lot of career growth, but you can tangibly see the projects that your firm is working on, and how they are helping your community.