On Friday, August 11th Shiel Sexton said farewell to the intern class of 2017. Shiel Sexton had the opportunity to have interns from a wide variety of schools this summer including: Purdue University, Ball State University, Indiana University-Purdue University, Franklin College, Colorado State, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University and East Carolina University. Each year, the internship program ends with an Intern Appreciation Luncheon that is held in the office to celebrate the interns and their time with Shiel Sexton.

The first half of the luncheon included presentations from Vice President of Talent Management Heather Devocelle, Business Development Manager Adam Campagna and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Hunt. Heather Devocelle kicked off the luncheon and presented on feedback and continuous improvement. Adam Campagna then spoke about the Business Development and Marketing unit, and its importance to how Shiel Sexton attracts new business and maintains existing relationships in the construction industry. Kevin Hunt ended the presentation portion by discussing the value of the Shiel Sexton Internship Program to the growth of Shiel Sexton’s talent pipeline and the future generation of construction professionals.

The interns and their mentors shared a catered lunch during the second half of the event. The luncheon concluded with intern awards and a group picture outside Shiel Sexton next to StructureMan. Shiel Sexton will miss their interns and wish them the best in their upcoming school year!