At Shiel Sexton, we have a culture that thrives on pushing each of us to be our best at all times and without hesitation.  We expect the best of ourselves, our subcontractors and our partners.  Our passion for creating a great building experience can be rolled into one simple mantra… Expect MoreWhile we expect the best from all of our employees, some show significant effort to go above and beyond in their responsibilities as an employee-owner.

The Shiel Sexton Honors Awards program is about recognizing those employees who are delivering on the Expect More promise.  Honorees demonstrate great talent, leaving an indelible mark on the people they work with and the jobs they perform.

John Matson, project manager, was recently recognized through the Shiel Sexton Honors Awards program as a Rising Star, someone who has embraced the Shiel Sexton culture by exhibiting dedication, integrity, innovation, creativity, adaptability, performance above expectation and an overall commitment to the Shiel Sexton team.

John recently moved from our Indianapolis headquarters to the Charlotte office, where he was promoted to project manager and has truly found his niche.  He quickly acclimated to the new role where he has earned the respect of his co-workers and subcontractors as he manages the 511 Queens project.  His ability to lead a project team through his own demonstration of hard work, attention to detail and exceptional communication, has been noticed by all of those around him.  It was noted that John “works until his job is complete to his satisfaction, not by the time on the clock.  When things go right on the project, he is always quick to acknowledge the people who made things happen.” Several co-workers praised John for his ability to jump right into any situation and provide solutions to a problem whether it involved strategic decisions, manpower in the field, or digging into the details to find the solution.  John is always willing to give 200% to both the client and his team.

John embodies the Expect More spirit and we’re proud to have him as a member of our team.  Congratulations, John!

The Messenger Newsletter | March 2017 | Shiel Sexton Carolinas