Shiel Sexton has left its mark on the corner of Delaware and South Street with the YMCA at CityWay project, and further down the road at Eli Lilly, a new project has begun. 

Shiel Sexton has worked with Eli Lilly for decades on various projects in Indianapolis dating back to the late 90’s. Most recently, Eli Lilly chose Shiel Sexton as General Contractor for the new South Street Square expansion. This new bit of landscaping is a modern greenspace that will transform into a peaceful escape within the city. 

It will feature over 30,000 SF of sand finish/exposed aggregate concrete walks formulated into a circular layout with branches sprouting off different paths. Precast concrete sitting areas will be placed around the greenspace with plenty of USB and power outlets for employees that need fresh air during the work day. Flowers, shrubbery, and 200 trees will be planted, and 50 light poles will be installed to ensure safety after sunset. A new parking lot will add extra space for visitors and employees. 

Many special considerations are going into this project. Repurposed bricks from the Eli Lilly building in Brazil, Indiana will be placed around the sitting areas giving it a unique touch. Many trees previously on the lot will be saved and relocated to a different area within the greenspace. 

Shiel Sexton has poured roughly 10,000 SF of sidewalks around the perimeter of the area this year and will finish the remaining 20,000 SF closer to Spring when the greenery is added. The South Street Square project is estimated to be finished in early May of 2019.