An elevated wooden mountain bike path has been constructed at The Headquarters: Mountain Bike Skills Park at Washington Park in Indianapolis, thanks in part to some demolished concrete chunks that were donated by Shiel Sexton Project Manager Mark Winters and the staff at the Regenstrief Institute. This path helps novice mountain bikers experience nature in the urban setting of the city.

“It re-creates a rock garden feature that mountain bikers encounter on many trails and provides a great introduction for new riders,” says Regenstrief Institute Engineering Lead – Data Analytics and Hoosier Mountain Bike Association Volunteer Chris Beesley, “It started with just the small rocks but they proved too challenging for the kids to get across.”

The larger patio slabs provide a more even space for children and inexperienced bikers to develop their skills before they hit unfamiliar terrain in the wild.

John Wall, director of The Headquarters, still has some leftover patio chunks, and has plans to place the concrete on a slope in the park to simulate a steep mountainside. For now, the path is a great addition to the park for mountain bikers all over Indianapolis. To learn more about The Headquarters, visit their Facebook page here.

The SCOOP | September 2017 | More from this issue