Shiel Sexton has enjoyed a long relationship with Sourwine Real Estate, which spans multiple renovation projects in their many buildings. Recently, Shiel Sexton has completed three interior renovations for Sourwine’s oldest tenant, Umbaugh. Since October of 2016, Shiel Sexton has built out Umbaugh’s space to expand it to 28 offices and partitioned workspace for accounting and support staff. Most recently, Shiel Sexton refinished 16,000 SF of occupied space. These projects were all completed after hours to minimize disruption to Umbaugh employees, and came in under budget and on time.

Superintendent Anthony Volpp has been a part of the Shiel Sexton project team throughout the entire construction process for Umbaugh. Sourwine Real Estate Services, owner of the space Umbaugh occupies, was extremely pleased with Shiel Sexton and reached out to extend their gratitude.

“Anthony Volpp did a great job supervising the construction process in an occupied suite which is known for its challenges,” says Sourwine Property Manager Colette VanMatre. She continues to say that Volpp has obtained “hero status” for his management of the project.

Volpp is a great example of going the extra mile to ensure that Shiel Sexton ends a project with a highly satisfied customer.

The SCOOP | September 2017 | More from this issue